Green And Sparkly

— 3 September 2015 —


Last week I posted about the black version of this top from H&M, showing you a dressed up day-to-night look with it. I wanted to put together a very different outfit with the second top, however- something much more casual and fun (and definitely easier to walk in!). To keep the look current, I paired the top with my suede scalloped-edge skirt. I bought this for work but since suede is so in I also find myself wearing it on my days off. The green trainers felt like a perfect addition to make the colours in the top  stand out. Plus, who doesn’t love green, sparkly trainers? Trainers and skirts aren’t something I often go for together. I feel like my legs aren’t long enough to cope with that look, but it’s just so comfortable that I went with it anyway. What are your thoughts on this look? Do you stick to heels with skirts or do you like to keep them casual with flats?

NCFgreenh&m-2 NCFgreenh&m-7 NCFgreenh&m-3 NCFgreenh&m-5 NCFgreenh&m-9 NCFgreenh&m-4 NCFgreenh&m-8 NCFgreenh&m

Keep your eyes peeled for a September wishlist and a Superdrug haul on the blog soon!

Sophie xx

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H&M top (here), Missguided skirt (here), Blink trainers, M&S bag (here)

August Favourites

— 31 August 2015 —


It’s the last day of August, and it’s probably been one of the rainiest bank holiday weekends here. I hope you’ve all had a good time anyway, whatever the weather in your area. I said in Saturday’s post that I was aiming to get an August favourites post up, and here it is. I couldn’t find any particular fashion/clothing/beauty items that I’ve been obsessed with for the whole month, so I thought I would do a media favourites instead. That means a book, a magazine article, a clothing catalogue, and a blog. So here’s a shoutout to Connor Franta’s aesthetically pleasing book, an article in Hello! Fashion magazine about Charlotte Olympia’s shoes and how she set up her own business, H&M’s latest boho collection, and Sinead from Love.Style.Mindfulness for creating beautiful and inspiring blog content (thanks to you I now feel the need to own a bucket bag and an Urban watch). Plus, my new fave trainers got a little feature because I haven’t taken them off since they arrived a couple of weeks ago, and ~as always~ my Jasper George sunnies because I haven’t found a pair I like more. As for music, check out my August playlist on Spotify here. If you like the look of any of these pieces, then go and check them out. Where I can find them, I’ll leave the links below. Happy bank holiday weekend!

NCFaugustfaves NCFaugustfaves-2 NCFaugustfaves-3

xx Sophie

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A Work In Progress by Connor Franta (here), Hello! Fashion magazine (here), H&M (here), Love.Style.Mindfulness (here), Adidas trainers (here), Jasper George sunnies (similar here)

Day To Night Look

— 29 August 2015 —

I waited for so long to shoot this top because I wanted to show it in my clothing haul video first. Now that’s out, I can show you exactly how I’m going to be wearing the pieces I bought. I thought printed trousers were the best accompaniment to a plain and simple top so I picked out these Topshop ones I got off eBay. I also noticed in an edition of Hello! Fashion magazine that these black lace up heeled shoes are popular right now, so I dug mine out for this look. Along with the flounced hem on the top, I feel like these shoes glam up the whole outfit for something which could easily be taken from day to night. Not that I ever go anywhere at night apart from towards the tv, but I can still show you what I would wear if I ever decided to go out.

I’ve got a very different look photographed with the matching green vest, something which is very much a daytime look and something more comfortable and casual. Either way, I like them both and enjoy being able to show how versatile one piece can be inside your wardrobe. Look out for that one- I’ll be posting it soon! Plus, there will be an August favourites at some point, hopefully I’ll be able to get it done before August is over.

NCFblackh&m-7 NCFblackh&m-4 NCFblackh&m-6 NCFblackh&m-8 NCFblackh&m-9 NCFblackh&m-11 NCFblackh&m-5 NCFblackh&m-10 NCFblackh&m-3 NCFblackh&m-12 NCFblackh&m

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend! xx Sophie

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H&M top (here), Topshop trousers (similar), M&S (thrifted) heels, River Island (thrifted) denim jacket

August Playlist

— 27 August 2015 —

Music is a big part of my every day life- I’m constantly listening to something whether I’m driving, getting ready in the morning, or blogging. While I’ve got Jess Glynne’s I Cry When I Laugh album on repeat currently, I’ve also compiled a playlist for August. It’s made up of a few different songs that I hadn’t even heard of until I scoured spotify for something new. A couple of them I got from Connor Franta’s Common Culture Vol. 3 collection, so check that out as well. Here’s the link to my spotify if you want to see what else I’m listening to right now.

Enjoy the music, and see you soon! Sophie xx

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I Heart Dungarees

— 25 August 2015 —


I had been waiting so long to find a pair of dungarees I could actually afford. Everywhere I looked they were £40+ and I felt reluctant to spend that. I finally found a pair on New Look’s website which were within budget, but they didn’t have any in-store for me to try on. I ended up splashing out a bit more than I had wanted to on a pair from Topshop, but they are exactly what I’ve been hunting for, and I know they’re the best quality and will last me forever. They make outfits so easy- the only thing I need to put with them is a top and I’m ready to go. They’re so easy to throw on when I get home from work and I’m actually really glad I went for a more expensive pair. I’ll call it an investment to make myself feel better. I can wear them no matter what season it is too- in this shoot I wore them with a sleeveless top on a warm day, but right now I’m wearing them with a fine knit jumper because summer seems to have disappeared and it’s raining.

In other news, how beautiful are my Adidas trainers? They have a slight platform for extra height and for an extra five pounds I personalised them with my initials on the back. I now it’s a bit of a novelty but I loved the idea and it’s still really subtle. I was impressed with how quickly they arrived too. They allowed an extra few days for delivery because of the customisation, but they arrived before I expected them to. Well done Adidas, you have a happy customer! Check the shoes out in my haul video here.

NCFdungarees-3 NCFdungarees-4 NCFdungarees-5 NCFdungarees-6 NCFdungarees-7 NCFdungarees-8 NCFdungarees-9 NCFdungarees-10 NCFdungarees

I’m off now, but I’ll be on the #fblchat on twitter later for any UK bloggers out there!

Sophie xx

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Topshop dungarees (here), Glamorous (diy) top, Adidas personalised trainers (here), Michael Kors bracelet

Stripes & Embellishment

— 23 August 2015 —


If you watched my haul video from Friday, you may have noticed this beautiful top making an appearance. A lot of the things I buy are planned- meaning I think of something I want and then go on a hunt for it until I find exactly what I want. This, on the other hand, was a spontaneous purchase from Monsoon, a shop I don’t normally look at. I find their prices can be a little high when you’re on a budget- this top should have been £50- but the sales were calling me and I ended up purchasing this for £15. All of the embellishment is hand-sewn and the whole piece feels super quality. Stripes and embellishment are two things which always attract me, but I also love the slouchy fit of this one. In fact, I think it was a few sizes bigger than I would normally wear, but it was the only size left. Oversized is always good in my opinion, though.

To keep the emphasis on the top, I went for very pale white-blue jeans. I sometimes struggle to find what to wear with these jeans (and I always get them dirty after about an hour of wearing them!) but they seemed like an obvious fit with this top. The perfect outfit for summer evenings.

NCFembellishedtop-4 NCFembellishedtop-5 NCFembellishedtop-6 NCFembellishedtop-13 NCFembellishedtop-7 NCFembellishedtop-8 NCFembellishedtop-12 NCFembellishedtop-9 NCFembellishedtop-10 NCFembellishedtop-2 NCFembellishedtop-11 NCFembellishedtop-14 NCFembellishedtop

Have a good evening! xx Sophie

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Monsoon top (on sale here), Bershka jeans (similar here), Primark sandals

Collective Clothing Haul / Sneak Preview

— 21 August 2015 —

Here it is! The haul I’ve been talking about for a few weeks is live. I had to wait an age for everything to be delivered, so I didn’t finish filming until Thursday afternoon. Plus, the lack of internet connection over here makes life very hard for someone who lives on the internet. Anyway, it’s finally here, and is somewhere between a clothing haul and a sneak preview of what’s to come on the blog. I’ve got products from Monsoon, H&M, and Adidas, and have already shot photos with all of them so expect blog posts very soon! Have a great weekend, and don’t forget I’ve got more videos over on my youtube channel here.  I recently uploaded a summer lookbook and I’m planning to be filming more soon. Sophie xx

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