Dungarees For All Year Round


Ok, so I mentioned to a few too many posts ago that I’d bought another new hat and that I was going to show you an outfit post with it very soon. Which apparently I never did. But it’s here now, and better late than never, right? It was the perfect accessory to an outfit with this pair of cord dungarees I picked up in the M&S sale. I feel like Marks & Spencer has a reputation for being for the more mature lady but their Limited Collection is so stylish and bang on trend. In fact, my next pay day might just be spent at M&S in Norwich…NCFtandungarees-1 NCFtandungarees-4

These dungarees are super versatile. I don’t know if it’s the colour or the cord material, but I feel like I can wear these with tights in winter, a jumper and bare legs in spring and autumn, and with a little cropped tee in summer. I really wanted to go bared-legged for this shoot, but it has been so cold lately that I just couldn’t face going outside without a coat or tights. It would have to be one or the other. Did you notice this bare-legged outfit was shot indoors? Yeah, it’s been that cold.NCFtandungarees-8 NCFtandungarees-3 NCFtandungarees-6

I’m also sporting the new Rosie for Autograph make up collection in this post. You might have seen my haul of products I spent the remains of my wages on and this is what it looks like on my face. Just in case you were wondering.NCFtandungarees-2 NCFtandungarees-7 NCFtandungarees-9

Hope you’re having a fab week so far! Let me know what you think of this look in the comments! xx Sophie

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Topshop jumper (here), M&S dungarees (here on sale!), Boots c/o Online Avenue* (here), Primark hat, M&Co bag, Rosie for Autograph make up collection on my face (here)

New Zoya Collection | Whispers


I was kindly sent the latest nail polish collection from Zoya. Whispers consists of 6 gorgeous neutrals, the perfect transitional shades to take your nails gently from winter to spring. Of course, I’ll wear just about any colour on my nails, but I’m loving these muted tones at the moment and can’t wait to try them all out. Keep an eye on my Instagram (@notcentralfash) to see me wearing them all in the coming weeks! I’ve swatched all of the colours so you can see how they really look out of the bottle, and I have to say the colours are very true to the photographs on Zoya’s website. Definitely check them out if you’re into the “free from” beauty products too.NCFzoyawhispers-1 NCFzoyawhispers-3 NCFzoyawhispers-4

Check out the other Zoya products I’ve been gifted here!

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Nail polishes from the “Whispers” collection c/o Zoya* (shop them here)

Bargain Lovin’ | A Primark Outfit


If you’ve been reading for a while, you may know that I’m a lover of getting things on the cheap. In 2014/15 I went through a phase of thrift shopping all the time (check my archives)It was when I was just getting into my eBay (shop it here!) and no job = no money, so thrifting was the perfect solution. Now I’m working full time I actually have money to spend in real shops BUT I do still love picking up a bargain. Hence why the majority of today’s look is from Primark! So many pieces you find in Topshop, River Island, and other high street shops are also available at Primark but for a fraction of the price, and if I’m buying simple basic pieces then I’m not about to splash the cash. Plus, I’m the sort of gal to go through styles like there’s no tomorrow so it’s good for me to buy a pair of black boots from Primark, because come next season there is definitely going to be a new style I’m after. I suppose I’m lucky in that I have a good Primark. It’s a decent size and it’s never full of crazy crowds of people fighting for clothes and flinging things all over the floor! The only thing is, I can’t leave any links for you to find the pieces I’m wearing, but I’m sure you know where to go to find them!NCFwaistcoat-5 NCFwaistcoat-3 NCFwaistcoat-9 NCFwaistcoat-4 NCFwaistcoat-6 NCFwaistcoat-2

Are you a bargain-lover or an investment-piece kind of person? Let me know in the comments! xx Sophie

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Top, Waistcoat, Boots all Primark, Topshop jeans (here), Birchbox exclusive December 15 bag (subscribe for your Birchbox here and get £5 to spend in the shop straight away!)

Rosie For Autograph | New Make Up Collection


I received a little card in the post the other day advertising Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s new make up collection for Autograph at Marks and Spencer. I’m sure we all know who Rosie is, and the collection looked gorgeous on paper so I went into my local M&S to check out the products. NCFrosiemakeup-5

The packaging is all a beautiful rose gold colour. I think rose gold is possibly every blogger’s dream at the moment, and I guess it fits perfectly with her name, so regardless of the product itself, I was already hooked from the outset. Now, these products aren’t the cheapest but they’re not crazy either, and you can really tell that they are quality so I didn’t mind splashing a wee bit of cash in order to try a few of them out. I absolutely loved the shades in the eyeshadow palette and knew I had to get that one. It’s the colour “Copper Gold Rush” and two days in, I’m already loving the pink colour. The lipstick was part of the advertising campaign, and in the shade “Lady Rose”, has a perfect, natural mauve tone. (You can see it in action in my latest fashion post here and get 10% off my outfit with code “notcentral-10”!) The third product I bought was the highlighter powder in “Rose Bud”. I’ve been watching a lot of beauty videos on youtube recently, specifically KathleenLights. Kathleen has a love for highlighting which is making me really want to give them a go myself so I’m excited for Rosie’s take on the highlighter.NCFrosiemakeup-1

At the moment there’s an offer on to get a free make up bag (worth £16) if you buy two of the products from her new collection. Done and done.NCFrosiemakeup-3

Sorry about the dirty fingerprints all over this! I couldn’t wait to try out the lipstick and eyeshadow before I shot these photos!NCFrosiemakeup-4

Check out Rosie’s collection here and see the other products that are on offer. Let me know if you’ve tried any of them yet or if you’re planning on purchasing some soon! xx Sophie

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Max Factor CC Sticks | Review

NCFccsticks-2 So you know from my past beauty posts that I’m not a foundation or heavy-make-up-wearer, so I always stick to my BB creams and tinted moisturisers. However, because I only get very light coverage out of these types of products, I wanted something that would even out my skin tone underneath my make up and provide a better base for it. I usually do a lot of research before I go out and buy make up products because I want to make sure I’m picking the right one for my skin type and for what I need. Make up can be quite expensive and I’m not about wasting my money on something which I’ll never use because it just doesn’t fit with my skin. Max Factor’s CC Sticks were the only drugstore products that really came up when I searched for a redness correctors. I did actually look at some more high-end products as well, but I decided it would be best to stick to lower-priced items since my splurge on bareEssentials foundation fell flat. The reviews for these colour correcting sticks were excellent. So many people said how they actually did what they said they would and were perfect underneath their concealers and foundations so I decided to believe them and take the plunge.
NCFccsticks-1 NCFccsticks-3They were actually on a 3 for 2 offer at Boots at the time so I got the green “redness” corrector, the yellow “undereye circles” corrector and the highlighting stick. I’ve swatched the two colour correctors below and as you can see the colour payoff is very good. These sticks are very light in colour so they’re not suitable to be worn on their own even after blending, but under concealer they work a treat. I haven’t swatched the highlighter purely because it didn’t show up in the photographs very well. However, I love the stick form that it comes in because it makes it so easy to get the product on precisely, and it’s a beautiful, flattering pearly colour. NCFccsticks-4 NCFccsticks-5 NCFccsticks-6

I’d really recommend these CC Sticks if you’re looking for a colour-correcting product that won’t break the bank! Get them here. xx Sophie

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The Perfect Look For This Summer (Or Now If You Feel Like Braving The Cold)

NCFluxemme-5As you know, I often struggle to force myself to go out into the cold to shoot photos around this time of year -it’s one of the few downsides to blogging! I was standing in this porch waiting to go out and shoot when I realised that this could be the perfect location! Completely indoors so nice and cosy, but covered in glass to let the natural lighting and outside in. Thank god we decided to shoot in here because I was just about to brace myself for the freezing windy air. I seriously can’t wait for warmer weather because it makes fashion and blogging so much simpler.

Anyway, let’s talk about this outfit since that’s the real reason we’re all here! I was really happy to receive this two piece from Luxemme and shoot some photos. It’s from their Limited Edition collection, making it even more exciting when you know you’re getting a special piece which only a select few others will also have in their wardrobes. I love finding things that are different. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge high-street fashion lover and of course I follow trends just like everybody else, but it’s also nice to have things that you know are unusual or hard to find unless you really look for them. I can see this being a lovely outfit for summer -it would make a perfect wedding or garden party look, or if you’re like me and enjoy dressing up a bit for no reason, then just an everyday outfit when the sun’s out. Bring on spring!

NCFluxemme-1 NCFluxemme-2 NCFluxemme-3 NCFluxemme-4NCFluxemme-10 NCFluxemme-9 NCFluxemme-6 NCFluxemme-7 NCFluxemme-8

Once these limited edition pieces are sold out, they’re gone so get in there quick if you want one for yourself! Unfortunately the Olivia Lace Trim two piece I’m wearing has already gone, but there are plenty of other beautiful pieces to choose from here. Enter code “notcentral-10” at the checkout for 10% off too! xx Sophie

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Lace Two Piece c/o Luxemme* (similar here), Topshop coat (here), Bershka platform trainers (similar here)

Flatlay | Stay Home Club

NCFstayhomeflatlay-1So basically I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to do an outfit change and go out into the cold to shoot more photos yesterday, so I made my chosen outfit into a flatly instead! I hope you don’t mind, but I’m telling myself that it adds a bit of variety to the blog if I bring you outfits in different forms…anyway you never know, this may turn into a proper outfit post if you’re lucky! I’m thinking add a pair of dungarees, throw on my hat and I’ll be good to go. In the meantime, I’ll let you visualise how you think this outfit should look. If you’ve got any suggestions, please leave a comment and I’ll definitely give it a whirl! I’d be interested to hear your ideas
NCFstayhomeflatlay-3 NCFstayhomeflatlay-2 NCFstayhomeflatlay-4

Let me know what you think! xx Sophie

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Bershka sweatshirt (here on sale!), Primark hat, Firetrap scarf & purse (both sold out)

Forever 21 Suede Jacket

NCFsuedejacket-4 NCFsuedejacket-1 When it was Christmas and then my birthday a couple of weeks later, I thought to myself that I really wouldn’t need to buy myself anything else. Then I found myself on the Forever 21 website, and that was the end of that. How could I not purchase this genuine suede jacket when it’s just so cool? Plus, it was reduced to like £25 and it felt wrong to leave it there. You know when you see something and you just can’t walk away from it. Unfortunately, I get that feeling with most things I see when I go shopping and it’s probably not good for me but when the emails are constantly dropping into my inbox and the shops are calling my name, it’s impossible not to make some sort of purchase. Anyway, I think you can forgive me this time considering that I’ve got myself a real suede jacket which will be so perfect when the weather warms up a bit (not sure if you can tell, but I was absolutely freezing when we shot these photos!) I’m loving the boxy shape and the colour means it’s going to go with everything, and to be honest I’m desperate for spring because I haven’t managed to get any wear out of this yet! Maybe I should just work on my layering skills, I’ve got jumpers galore and a beautiful Firetrap scarf which might just make a cute lil’ outfit on my next day off!NCFsuedejacket-8 NCFsuedejacket-2 NCFsuedejacket-3 NCFsuedejacket-7 NCFsuedejacket-5 NCFsuedejacket-6

What do you think of my new jacket? xx Sophie

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Forever 21 jacket (here on sale!), American Eagle t shirt (sold out), H&M jeans (similar here), Primark boots, watch c/o Everwrist* (here)

Warm Tones & My Favourite Lipstick


Ok, so this isn’t a beauty post but I’ve got to show some appreciation for this lipstick I got in my Birchbox before I go any further. Ever heard of the brand ModelCo? I hadn’t but that’s the beauty of subscribing to a service like Birchbox (get yours here!). It’s a lipstick that actually stays on – it doesn’t matter how much I talk, eat, drink, this lipstick does not come off! So I don’t own a lot of lipsticks and I’m not an expert in these things, but none of the other lip products I own are like this and I’m so impressed! Definitely check ModelCo out if you’re on the hunt for a long-lasting lipstick.

Anyway, back to the outfit! I purchased this Mango coat a while ago from a  charity shop and it was super cheap and I was really pleased with it. I haven’t actually worn it an awful lot through this winter. As you saw in Sunday’s post, I’ve been pretty attached to my parka and I feel like this is more of a statement fashion coat. It’s a medium where I’d normally buy a small so it’s got that oversized feel to it, and I don’t want to wear it everyday. It’s a smarter, occasion coat is what I’m getting at. There wasn’t an occasion on this particular day when we shot these photos, however, but it was so cold outside (despite the sunshine) and it made a perfect finishing touch to my outfit! I paired it with a new purchase from American Eagle -as if I needed another cream jumper!- and my vintage Balmain bag which I got for christmas and is my new favourite. NCFmangocoat-1 NCFmangocoat-2 NCFmangocoat-6 NCFmangocoat-3 NCFmangocoat-10 NCFmangocoat-4 NCFmangocoat-5 NCFmangocoat-11 NCFmangocoat-7 NCFmangocoat-9

I feel like this outfit really came together with all the creams and brown tones. What do you think? xx Sophie

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Mango coat (thrifted), American Eagle jumper (here on sale!), Vintage Balmain bag, Topshop Vintage jeans, Kurt Geiger boots (here on sale!)



Sorry I’ve been gone for five days, but I’m back! I’m not feeling very inspired at the moment so writing a blog post isn’t the easiest! Work is busier at the moment too so I’ve only got a couple of days a week to shoot photos and write posts but I’ve been trying to schedule as much as possible too. Leave me a comment if you’ve got any post ideas because I could probably do with them! I’ve just bought an amazing pair of silver shoes and a new hat so a shoot is definitely in the works, but it just depends when I can drag myself out into the cold to do it. I’m thinking Thursday might be a day for photographs so please be kind to us, weather! I do love winter and cosy dressing, but I’m currently looking forward to milder temperatures. There are a few tops and t shirts hanging in the wardrobe which need a blog feature!

For today, enjoy the cheaper alternative I found to the amazing red fur-lined parka in Topshop. I was in love with that one but at £120, I wasn’t about to get my purse out. This one cost me a tiny fraction of that and it’s now in the sale so check it out in stores! Little story about that, though- I actually went into Topshop a couple of weeks ago and found one of those parkas left on the sale rail in my size, down to £40. I was a bit gutted to say the least, BUT I have been very happy with my little alternative!
NCFredparka-4 NCFredparka-2 NCFredparka-6 NCFredparka-3 NCFredparka-7 NCFredparka-5

I’ll be back soon, and don’t forget to leave me an inspiring comment! xx Sophie

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M&Co Kylie coat, Topshop jumper (here), Sainsbury’s jeans, New Balance trainers (here)