Pastel Pinks + Denim

notcentralpinkdenim notcentralpinkdenim2 notcentralpinkdenim3 notcentralpinkdenim4 notcentralpinkdenim6 notcentralpinkdenim7 notcentralpinkdenim8

Coat – H&M Divided, Shirt – thrifted, Jeans – Bershka, Boots – Boohoo, Watch – Fossil

Some of the key pieces for this season are pastel pinks and light denim. I feel that they’re more geared towards Spring, but I’m not complaining if I can bring my denims and light colours right into Autumn.

Sophie x

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notcentralmissguided notcentralmissguided4 notcentralmissguided2 notcentralmissguided5 notcentralmissguided3 notcentralmissguided6Dress – thrifted (Missguided), Loafers – Sainsbury’s, Watch – Marc Jacobs, Bracelet – Jack Wills

Here’s my second look of the week with these loafers. I told you I’d be wearing them with a little shift dress.

Sophie x

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Alternative To Denim

notcentralgreenleggings2 notcentralgreenleggings3 notcentralgreenleggings5 notcentralgreenleggings4 notcentralgreenleggings notcentralgreenleggings6

Leggings – NextTshirt – thrifted, Cardigan – Jaeger (thrifted), Boots – Boohoo, Necklace – Bershka

One of my favourites this week is leggings/jodhpurs/comfy trousers. I’ve always been very much into jeans instead of skirts, dresses, and even leggings, but after wearing them almost every day for so many years I’ve started to crave an alternative to denim. Jeans will always be my go-to in a morning, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nice to find something a little bit different in these “sculpted scuba leggings” from Next.

Sophie x

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notcentralloafers6 notcentralloafers2 notcentralloafers3 notcentralloafers notcentralloafers5 notcentralloafers4 notcentralloafers7 notcentralloafers8Top – Edeis, Jeans – thrifted (River Island), Loafers – Tu @ Sainsbury’s

I probably own too many shoes for my own good, but these ones are necessary for my autumn wardrobe. They’re the sort of shoes I would have put into my autumn lookbook video if I’d had them earlier, because they’re perfect to wear with a little shift dress or a pair of rolled up jeans. I just haven’t had enough easy slip-ons in my life until now.

Sophie x

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Mod French Tips

notcentralgreywhitenails2 notcentralgreywhitenailsGrey Polish – Barry M, White Polish – Rimmel Rita Ora

I’m back with a nail art post for today, and this week I decided to go for a mod french tip, a french tip with a twist. You’ve probably seen this before but I think it’s so much better and more eye-catching than an ordinary french tip, because let’s face it, nail art is there to be noticed.

I’m also happy to let you know that I’m writing this blog post off my new laptop, which just arrived today. I’ve been saving for quite a while now, and (if it doesn’t sound too cheesy) you are now looking at the proud owner of a MacBook.

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Happy Tuesday!

Sophie x


Eyeshadow Trio




notcentraleyeshadowtrioBrown, Grey & Blue trios – Bourjois Smoky Eyes, Pink trio – MUA

The make up that I’ve been loving this past month or so is eyeshadow, especially the trios. For me they’re the easiest way to create a smoky eye, but I can also use them for everyday application if I just want something to brighten my eyes. My favourite is the Bourjois golden/brown set, but I’m also just getting into MUA’s soft pink trio. If you’re on a budget then I recommend MUA, but if you’re willing to spend a little bit more, Bourjois is definitely my fave brand at the moment.

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Sophie x


Black Cardigan

notcentralblackcardigan6 notcentralblackcardigan5 notcentralblackcardigan4 notcentralblackcardigan3 notcentralblackcardigan2 notcentralblackcardiganTshirt – Republic, Cardigan – thrifted

I feel like everyone needs a simple black cardigan in their wardrobe for those days when you put an outfit together but can’t quite find the right jacket to put over the top. For me, those days are gone thanks to a bit of thrift shopping.Signature

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Leopard & Khaki

notcentralsueryderleopard&khaki notcentralsueryderleopard&khaki2 notcentralsueryderleopard&khaki3

All Clothing – Donations at Sue Ryder, Fakenham

I know this might not look much like a window display, but you know the troubles I’ve been having with photographing my displays because of lighting issues/iphone camera etc. I found that doing close up shots of colours and patterns that I’ve used in my window displays is the best way to show them to you, so here you go. Enjoy some leopard and khaki inspiration.


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notcentralstormybeach notcentralstormybeach2 notcentralstormybeach4 notcentralstormybeach5 notcentralstormybeach6 notcentralstormybeach7 notcentralstormybeach8 notcentralstormybeach9 notcentralstormybeach10

Cardigan – available on eBay shop hereRucksack – thrifted, Jeans – Gap, Boots – Boohoo

I mentioned it on yesterday’s post, but my definite staple pieces for this autumn have been my black skinnies, black worker boots and my black rucksack. They’re re-occuring in almost all outfits I pick out in the mornings, and I do feel a bit guilty about that. Although I might not want to admit that my favourite colour in clothing is black, I think it’s pretty obvious from my blog posts. I’m not bored of these pieces yet, but by the time winter really kicks in, I’m sure I’ll be moving on to the next fashions. For now these are my staples. What are you constantly wearing?


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