Bomber Jacket Pt. II

— 3 August 2015 —


I told you I was on the look out for a bomber jacket, didn’t I? Well, I definitely didn’t waste any time with that one as here I am, in a blog post, wearing my brand new ASOS bomber jacket. I love it and have been wearing it with pretty much anything, but here’s one of my more put-together looks for the blog! A simple crop top from Miso and some denim cut offs which, to me, resemble culottes and I’m not sure whether I’m really into that or not. What are your feelings about culottes- super chic, or a trend to avoid? If I’m posting these on the blog then I must be leaning towards super chic, but being someone who lives in skinny jeans, I think wide pants are something I’m just not quite used to. Nevertheless, here they are in all their customised DIY denim glory.

Part of my H&M order arrived today, so I started filming for my clothing haul. A little something extra from Monsoon may or may not have crept into my shopping bag while I was out today, so we’ll see if that makes it into the haul as well! I promise I’ll stop spending money on clothes…one day.

NCForientalbomber-4NCForientalbomber-5NCForientalbomber-2NCForientalbomber-6NCForientalbomber-7NCForientalbomber-11NCForientalbomber-9NCForientalbomber-12NCForientalbomber-10NCForientalbomber-13NCForientalbomberNCForientalbomber-8Have a great week!

Sophie xx

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ASOS bomber jacket (via ebay), Miso crop top, DIY cut offs, H&M platform boots, Olivia Burton watch, Firetrap sunglasses


My Summer Picks: Firetrap Playsuit + Sandals

— 1 August 2015 —


The sun has been back out today so I’m sharing a summery beach shoot with my favourite khaki playsuit from Firetrap. It’s been passed down over the years from my sister to me, and makes an appearance each summer without fail (here’s how I wore it last year). Instead of going bold with stripes like in 2014, I kept the look simple this year, pairing the playsuit with my bargain Firetrap sandals- my mum managed to get these for me in the sale for just a few pounds. Their appearance is minimal with just two simple straps, something I’ve never really gone for in a sandal before, but I love them especially for those uncomfortably hot days out. Styling these sandals is super easy too- they’re white so they go with everything- and they have definitely been some of my favourite/go-to shoes for the summer. Long live the warm weather so I can continue to wear both pieces throughout August!

NCFkhakiplaysuit-6 NCFkhakiplaysuit-2 NCFkhakiplaysuit-10 NCFkhakiplaysuit-3 NCFkhakiplaysuit-8 NCFkhakiplaysuit-5 NCFkhakiplaysuit-16 NCFkhakiplaysuit-7 NCFkhakiplaysuit-9 NCFkhakiplaysuit-14 NCFkhakiplaysuit-11 NCFkhakiplaysuit-15

Happy Saturday!

Sophie xx

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Firetrap playsuit & sandals, Next top, New Look sunglasses

The Shirt Dress

— 30 July 2015 —


The black shirt dress- smart yet casual, and easy and comfortable to wear.
Again, this was a charity shop find, this time by my sister. It’s originally from Zara, and looks as if it’s hardly been worn at all. Plus, I knew as soon as I saw it that it would go perfectly with my black and tan leather strappy heels. Not to mention a few extra brown and gold accessories from Jack Wills, Olivia Burton, and Jasper George. It’s one of the more simple outfits I’ve put together- as all you need to style it with is a pair of shoes- which meant I could rush out into the evening sun to shoot these photos before dinner. Since then, it’s been a cold “summer” so I was glad I got to shoot the outfit while I was still willing to bare my legs.

This afternoon, I have been busy opening up my Etsy shop. You’ve probably heard me going on about making customised vintage shorts, and they’re now available on Etsy (here) as well as eBay (here). If it’s still sunny wherever you are in the world, then don’t forget to check them out– I ship globally! There are also a few bits from my wardrobe up for sale on eBay (including All Saints, Topshop, and Henry Holland) to make way for the next shopping spree I’m about to have at H&M thanks to payday next week. Clothing haul blog post anyone?

NCFshirtdress-6 NCFshirtdress-4 NCFshirtdress-9 NCFshirtdress-7 NCFshirtdress-5 NCFshirtdress-2 NCFshirtdress-10 NCFshirtdress-8 NCFshirtdress-11 NCFshirtdressHopefully the sun will come out soon so I can do some more outfit photo shoots and start blogging every other day again!

Sophie xx

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Zara (thrifted) shirt dress, Topshop (thrifted) heels, Jasper George sunglasses, Thrifted necklace, Olivia Burton watch, Jack Wills bracelet

July Hair & Beauty Favourites

— 27 July 2015 —


It’s coming towards the end of July already, so I thought I’d share with you a few of my hair and beauty favourites from this month. I love watching favourites videos on youtube, so I’m doing my own take on the tag right here on the blog.

 MAC Eyeliner in “Smoulder” + Barry M Black Liquid Liner
These two eyeliners go together in my favourites. The MAC liner is my go-to liner for (almost) everyday, but this month I’ve been using it together with Barry M’s liquid pen. Until recently, I have not been a fan of liquid eyeliner, purely because I have never been able to use it. It smudges everywhere, and I can’t get even cat eye flicks on both eyes. However, I’ve discovered that if I draw out the shape I want using the pencil first- which is easy to rub off or fix- I can then go over the top with the liquid eyeliner. My eyeliner flicks are now pretty even, and they stay on all day…as long as I don’t rub at my eyes by accident!

Zoella “Foam Sweet Foam” Shower Gel + “Soak Opera” Bath and Shower Cream
Zoe’s new Zoella Beauty range came out earlier this month, and I went out and purchased a couple of products.  I was in need of a new shower gel, so this came just at the right time. I love the packaging and it smells delicious too! While I was in Superdrug, I also bought the bath soak from Zoe’s first range. I hadn’t bought anything when the first range came out, but I really love the bath soak. I find that the scent is perfect for a hot, relaxing bath.

Maybelline Nail Polish in “Rose Poudre”, Barry M Nail Polish in “Pit Stop” + Barry M Gelly Nail Polish in “Olive”
You know I’m a great lover of nail polish and don’t often go out without it on, and this month, there have been three polishes I’ve been wearing non-stop. They are all quite subtle pastel shades, and these are just what I’ve been drawn to when I open up my nail polish drawer. I especially love the stone grey colour from Barry M’s Speedy range, which dry extra fast.

Hair Scrunchies
I’ve been going for hair up most days during July, especially when I’m working as I just want my hair out of my face. Hair scrunchies have made a come back recently too, and I’ve been accessorising my messy buns with the two pictured. The red floral one is super cute with a little bow, and I think I bought it from Sainsbury’s. It came in a pack of two with a matching blue one, but the red has been my favourite. The monochrome scrunchy was actually home made. When I cut the sleeves off this top to make it fit more comfortably, the extra material went into making a hair accessory for me!

Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion
This was the cleanser I used to use twice daily as part of my beauty regime, but I stopped using it a few months ago because it had become quite harsh on my skin. However, when I had a small break-out a couple of weeks ago, I pulled this cleanser out of my cupboard again, and it really seemed to do the trick.

Maybelline Baby Lips in “Hydrate”
Lip balm is something which I’ve always used, and will always use every day, and the Maybelline Baby Lips one does exactly what it says it will. My lips are really hydrated and moisturised when I’ve used this, and it comes with me from my dressing table to the bag I take to work.


What have been your favourite hair and beauty products throughout July? Let me know in the comments so I can try some of them out!

Sophie xx

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Suede + Flatforms

— 24 July 2015 —


This season, I’m loving suede. Skirts, jackets, everything. Most of the suede pieces I’ve seen around have been in the typical tan colour, but I found this black faux suede skirt on Missguided, making it perfect for work as well as casual. As I have to stick to a uniform in my job, it’s fun to find other ways to make my work outfits my own, and this skirt helps me do that because of its scallop hem and a-line shape. It’s something which nobody else wears, and I love that.

While I’ll mainly be wearing my suede with a black shirt and tights, I also wanted to show you how I’ll style the skirt for day-to-day wearing. I was torn between wearing my Topshop leather heels, or these quirky flatform brogues, the shoes which I like to refer to as my Kourtney Kardashian shoes. I’ve seen photographs of Kourtney’s Stella McCartney platforms so many times, and thought they were really interesting. In fact, I wasn’t actually sure if I liked them or not at first, but mine are a toned down version of these quirky McCartney platforms.

NCFsuedeskirt-3 NCFsuedeskirt-10 NCFsuedeskirt-9 NCFsuedeskirt-4 NCFsuedeskirt-5 NCFsuedeskirt-2 NCFsuedeskirt-7 NCFsuedeskirt-8 NCFsuedeskirt-12 NCFsuedeskirt-13 NCFsuedeskirt-6 NCFsuedeskirtHow will you be styling suede this season?

Sophie xx

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Thrifted top, Missguided skirt, Jasper George sunglasses, Primark clutch, New Look via Zalando flatform brogues


— 22 July 2015 —


Evening all! Tonight I bring you a blog post with a pair of customised shorts which I made for myself. Every time I make a pair of shorts to sell, I think *they look so cool, I’d love to wear them*, so this time I decided to keep a pair for myself! The bleached ones (now sold out) were my favourites from the beginning, plus they’re so simple to make. Apart from the bleach and the frayed hem, I kept them really plain so that they would go with just about any outfit I could think of. Today, I styled them with this fitted long sleeve top which I found in the River Island sale for £8. I love the detail along the neckline, and think I could easily carry this top through every season, from summer to winter. I also added a touch of double denim, because whether I should or not, I can’t help liking denim on denim- if it’s done right that is!

In other news, I’m really happy because I passed my driving test this morning! It’s been a long time coming, since I’ve had my L plates for a year and a half. I got there in the end, and it feels good!NCFbleachedshorts-9 NCFbleachedshorts-7 NCFbleachedshorts NCFbleachedshorts-10 NCFbleachedshorts-11 NCFbleachedshorts-8 NCFbleachedshorts-5 NCFbleachedshorts-6 NCFbleachedshorts-4 NCFbleachedshorts-3

For your music fix this week, check out Years & Years if you haven’t already. Their album, Communion is definitely on repeat at the moment. I hope you’re having a great week!

Sophie xx

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River Island top, Thrifted and customised shorts (similar available here), H&M boots, River Island (thrifted) denim jacket, Ring c/o Born Pretty Store

How To Style: Mom Jean Shorts

— 20 July 2015 —


I’ve got a fair few shorts listed on my ebay shop now (you can browse and purchase them here!) and I love so many of them. The ones I’m wearing in this blog post are some of my faves, though because they’re super frayed along the bottom and have the prettiest lace detail across the back pockets. I wanted to do a shoot in them because a) they really nice and I would most definitely wear them myself and b) I wanted to show you just how my custom-made shorts look when they’re on.

Denim shorts can be styled in so many ways, but I kept it fairly casual with a grey sweatshirt and lace up wedges. I found the jumper in a charity shop, but it’s originally from New Look, and looks as though it is brand new anyway. Plus, the crochet detail to the shoulders goes perfectly with the lace on the shorts. What I particularly love about the mom-jean-style shorts is that you can even buy a size too big, and simply wear them belted at the waist with either a top tucked in like me, or a little crop top for a 90s vibe.

Don’t forget to check out my ebay shop to buy these exact shorts, and discover others just like them. Let me know what you think in the comments too!

NCFcrochetlace-2 NCFcrochetlace-3 NCFcrochetlace-9 NCFcrochetlace-4 NCFcrochetlace-5 NCFcrochetlace-10 NCFcrochetlace-6 NCFcrochetlace NCFcrochetlace-7 NCFcrochetlace-11

Sophie xx

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New Look (thrifted) sweatshirt, Custom-made shorts available on ebay HERE, Office (thrifted) wedges, Jeepers Peepers sunglasses