J Brand

Saturday, 28th March 2015

NCFstripeblur-2 NCFstripeblur-3 NCFstripeblur-8

Thrifted these J Brand jeans from a charity shop not too long ago, only to get them home to find they had a slight rip on the back – not too bad if you have pink pants underneath and a long t shirt to cover it, but I was definitely conscious. Such a shame since they were made of perfect soft denim in a really rich colour, but that’s sometimes what you get for thrifting.

NCFstripeblur-7 NCFstripeblur-6 NCFstripeblur-11 NCFstripeblur-12 NCFstripeblur-5 NCFstripeblur-9 NCFstripeblur-4 NCFstripeblur-10 NCFstripeblurThrifted (Primark) top, Sainsbury’s coat, Thrifted (J Brand) jeans, H&M boots, Silver rings


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Leather and Metal

Friday, 27th March 2015

NCFbootsmetal-3 NCFbootsmetal-2

You can never really have too many pairs of black boots (or any kind of shoe to be honest) and these ones cost me £3.50 on a thrifting spree. What more could you ask for?

NCFbootsmetal-4 NCFbootsmetalThrifted (Primark) boots, Thrifted (Chiltern) bag


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Out of Focus

Thursday, 26th March 2015












NCFyellowtshirt-11Thrifted t shirt & cardigan, H&M jeans & boots, eBay sunglasses

I was really annoyed last month when my Sony DSLR camera died mid-use. I had to go out and buy a whole new camera and 50mm lens so that it wouldn’t affect my blogging, but it turns out I’ve now got a camera which takes much better quality photos – just look at that out-of-focus background! It means that you can virtually shoot anywhere, no matter what’s behind you, which is handy when you don’t have access to that city architecture you see on the professional blogs. Hope you’re having a good week


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Primark Haul | March 2015

Wednesday, 25th March 2015

Primark hauls are one of my favourite types of youtube videos to watch. I find them really helpful if you’re planning a trip into Primark – which you definitely will be once you’ve watched a few. I went into Primark today and picked up a few bits and pieces, including two pairs of shoes for £1 each…


I saw that a lot of people had bought the amazing holographic rucksack, but since that wasn’t available in my local Primark, I went for the matching slip-on pumps instead, which I’m sure my sister and I will have fun photographing for the blog soon.

NCFprimarkhaul15-3 NCFprimarkhaul15-5

The t shirt is one of my favourite Primark finds from today, but wasn’t actually bought in the shop. Obviously while we were out, we did a spot of charity/thrift shopping too, and I found this t shirt (originally from Primark) for £1.95. It’s similar to another Primark top I’ve got with the stripes, the material, and the high neck, but you can never have too many stripes, can you?


Leave me the links to your Primark hauls if you’ve been recently, I’d love to see what you picked up!


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Sunday, 22nd March 2015

NCFlacesilver-4 NCFlacesilver-3 NCFlacesilver-7 NCFlacesilver-5 NCFlacesilver-6 NCFlacesilver-8 NCFlacesilver NCFlacesilver-9Thrifted (H&M) dress, New Look leather jacket, F+F @ Tesco brogues

Any pair of shoes which are silver, metallic, shiny or glittery get my vote, and I’ll usually buy them if they’re a bargain. I think these brogues were about £7 from F+F @ Tesco, and they seem like pretty good quality for a supermarket product. These are going to be fun to style with a white tshirt and some denim when it gets warmer – hopefully soon if we’re lucky.


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My Favourite Nail Polishes

Saturday, 21st March 2015


Since I’m always wearing a different nail polish each week, I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourites at the moment.


I <3 the pearly pink from Natio.


I’m not usually into greens for nails, but this olive shade is really subtle and the Jack Wills indigo is the best blue I’ve ever tried.


Can’t forget my latest purchase from Barry M’s “speedy” collection – a really pretty stone shade.

What colours are you into for spring? Sophie x
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