— 3 May 2015 —


I seem to have been rocking some crazy printed trousers on the blog at the moment, and most of them are courtesy of my mum’s ebay shop. Unfortunately these cropped, festival-worthy trousers have already sold, but there’s plenty more where they came from, so keep your eye out on the blog and over on ebay.

NCFgypsytrousers-4 NCFgypsytrousers-6 NCFgypsytrousers-7 NCFgypsytrousers-8NCFgypsytrousers-5Thrifted top, trousers & shoes, Olivia Burton watch

I hope you’re having a good bank holiday weekend!
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— 28 April 2015 —

NCFpinstripe16NCFpinstripe NCFpinstripe-2 NCFpinstripe-3 NCFpinstripe-8 NCFpinstripe-9 NCFpinstripe-4 NCFpinstripe-5 NCFpinstripe-15 NCFpinstripe-7 NCFpinstripe-6 NCFpinstripe-10 NCFpinstripe-12 NCFpinstripe-14H! by Henry Holland vest, thrifted t shirt & trousers & necklace, H&M platforms, Silver rings

I wasn’t sure about this outfit at first, but sometimes it’s good to play around with things you might not normally wear together. I did the shoot anyway because I liked how the cropped denim vest by Henry Holland skimmed the top of the fitted trousers. Plus, who doesn’t like these ribbed tops which are in every high street shop at the moment? This one will actually be for sale on my ebay tonight/tomorrow night. Check it out here.


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Sunday Beauty Inspiration

— 26 April 2015 —


I’m currently giving my nails a break from the constant nail polish, but here’s one of my recent nail art looks. When I don’t have any patience, I usually just go for an accent on one nail, and polka dots are one of the simplest designs.


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Who Made My Clothes?

— 24 April 2015 —

NCFfashrev15-2T Shirts & Sunglasses – Jasper George

It’s Fashion Revolution Day today, and I’m getting involved with raising awareness for the people who make the clothes you wear every day, to ensure that they are working in the safest conditions and being paid a fair wage.

One of the reasons I was excited to collaborate with Jasper George last week was because all of their clothing is certified FairWear, meaning that whoever made the things you buy was treated as fairly and equally as we would expect to be treated at work.

It might not be something you think about every morning as you get dressed, but today is the day to share a selfie of your outfit, and ask the brand #whomademyclothes on social media!

Visit or to find out more.


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