Tropical Leaf

— 22 May 2015 —

NCFleafjacket-13 NCFleafjacket-3

Green leaf print is everywhere this season, so I had to blog this Zara jacket my mum picked up from a charity shop a while ago. I already have a skirt and a pair of trousers with a similar print – which I will be shooting this weekend with any luck – so it’s safe to say I’m loving this trend!

NCFleafjacket-4 NCFleafjacket-5 NCFleafjacket-6 NCFleafjacket-9 NCFleafjacket-7 NCFleafjacket-8 NCFleafjacket-2 NCFleafjacket-10 NCFleafjacket-11 NCFleafjacket-12 NCFleafjacketZara jacket, Gap jeans, Select cut-out boots, Vintage Topshop handbag


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Wild South

— 20 May 2015 —

NCFdenimvest-3 NCFdenimvest-4

This funky denim bag used to be one of my skirts when I was a little girl. When I grew out of it, my mum custom made it into a bag for me, and for years it’s been sitting under my bed with no use. I found it again when I was looking for a different accessory to put with this outfit, and I think I can -just about- still get away with it!

NCFdenimvest-10 NCFdenimvest-7 NCFdenimvest-5 NCFdenimvest-9 NCFdenimvest-6 NCFdenimvest NCFdenimvest-8 NCFdenimvest-2Select hat, Glamorous jumper, Betty Barclay denim vest, Gap jeans, Wild South bag, F+F brogues, Jeepers Peepers sunglasses


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Neon Coral

— 16 May 2015 —

NCFneoncoral-2 NCFneoncoral-3

These two neon coral pieces I’m wearing couldn’t be more of a perfect match. I’ve had the satchel for a few years now, and you’ve probably seen it featured in many other blog posts, especially when I first started my blog a couple of years ago. It just so happens that the latest tshirt addition to my wardrobe is its long lost accessory twin.

NCFneoncoral-13 NCFneoncoral-4 NCFneoncoral-5 NCFneoncoral-7 NCFneoncoral-8 NCFneoncoral-9 NCFneoncoral-10 NCFneoncoral-6 NCFneoncoral-11 NCFneoncoral-12 NCFneoncoralJasper George tee, New Look jacket, Topshop jeans, Schuh boots, Deena & Ozzy satchel


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Injecting A Bit Of Glamour | Body Jewellery Shop

— 15 May 2015 —

NCFbodyjewellery NCFbodyjewellery-2 NCFbodyjewellery-3

When it comes to jewellery I have a very minimalist style and for earpiercings, studs are my go-to. Though I’m usually sporting my tiny gold ball studs, Body Jewellery Shop have kindly helped to inject a bit of colour and some more glamour into my accessories with these pretty pink and silver sparkle stud earpiercings. Still subtle and understated, yet perfectly glam!

NCFbodyjewellery-4 NCFbodyjewellery-5 NCFbodyjewellery-6Silver Glitter Stud Earpiercing & Pink Glitter Stud Earpiercing c/o Body Jewellery Shop*


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— 11 May 2015 —

NCFdaffodils NCFdaffodils-4

We shot this at Easter weekend, when I suppose I should have posted it, but I just never got round to it. Better late than never, though!

NCFdaffodils-5NCFdaffodils-9 NCFdaffodils-6 NCFdaffodils-8 NCFdaffodils-2 NCFdaffodils-3 NCFdaffodils-7 NCFdaffodils-10Thrifted shirt, thrifted (Zara) leggings, thrifted (Primark) boots, Jack Wills sunglasses, Olivia Burton watch, Silver rings


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