How To Grow Out A Fringe with Born Pretty Store


Earlier this year I had a fringe cut into my hair – see the pics here! – and it was quite a big risk for me. I’ve only ever had a fringe once before when I was very young and decided from then that bangs didn’t suit me. After I got chickenpox (yes, chickenpox at 19) it seemed a necessity for me to cover the scars while they healed. Now that I feel happy to bear my forehead again I’m growing my fringe out, and I’m sure many of you will know it’s a long, long process. That’s why I thought it was appropriate that my latest Born Pretty Store samples were hair accessories, because these headbands are the only things getting me through a hair crisis at the moment! There’s a huge variety of really pretty headbands as well as other hair accessories on the Born Pretty website for crazy cheap prices, and they’re perfect for a quick and easy way to pull back your hair when you don’t have a lot of time in the mornings. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of these all over the blog in the next few weeks/months until my hair starts to get back to normality!NCFbpshairbands-2 NCFbpshairbands-3 NCFbpshairbands-4 NCFbpshairbands-10 NCFbpshairbands-5 NCFbpshairbands-6 NCFbpshairbands-7 NCFbpshairbands-8 NCFbpshairbands-9

Check out the hair accessories Born Pretty has to offer on their website here, and use code BVT10 to get 10% off your order sitewide! xx Soph

Wearing: headband 1 (here), headband 2 (here), headband 3 (here) all Born Pretty Store

Swapping Out Jeans For More Summery Denim


It’s no secret that I’m a huge denim lover, so when the sun comes out I ditch the jeans and dig the denim dress out of my wardrobe. I posted this beautiful Zara dress when I first bought it a few months ago (read it here!) back when I had to take some risks as a fashion blogger and get my legs out while pretending not to freeze. Hashtag blogger probs. I styled the dress out for summer with my new suede Mango loafers which I picked up from a charity shop for £3. It’s amazing the things that people will throw out but that’s what makes thrifting so much fun. I’m guessing these would have cost me upwards of £50 brand new, but to be honest, it doesn’t even look like these shoes have been worn anyway.
NCFzaradenim-4 NCFzaradenim-9 NCFzaradenim-5 NCFzaradenim-8 NCFzaradenim-6 NCFzaradenim-7 NCFzaradenim-3 NCFzaradenim-10

Are you swapping out jeans for more summery denim pieces? Let me know what you’re wearing – I can’t get enough of denim! xx Soph

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Wearing: Zara denim dress (sold out, similar here, here, and here), Mango loafers (thrifted, similar here and here), & Other Stories bracelet (here), Topshop necklace (here)

The Jean Jogger Hybrid


I walked into New Look last weekend looking for sandals and bags, and ended up leaving with a new pair of heeled boots. Not that I can even walk in heels, but they’re pointed and fixed with studs so who cares if you can walk or not, right? I paired them with my new Romwe jeans which were about £15! I thought they’d be a bit more interesting with these boots than a pair of ol’ skinnies would’ve been because they’re distressed, and when you sling them low they look a bit like hareem jeans – if that’s a thing. The reason I bought these jeans (because let’s face it, my wardrobe really doesn’t need another pair of jeans) was because they have an elasticated waist with a drawstring to pull them in. I’ve never had anything like these before – a kind of jean/jogger hybrid – but apart from an actual tracksuit, could you get any more comfort in fashion? Sling ’em low, hitch ’em up, pull the drawstring in, or leave it loose – these jeans have so many options.NCFstudboots-1 NCFstudboots-6 NCFstudboots-2 NCFstudboots-4 NCFstudboots-8 NCFstudboots-5 NCFstudboots-3 NCFstudboots-12 NCFstudboots-7 NCFstudboots-9 NCFstudboots-10

Let me know if you’ve bought anything from Romwe recently and what great deals you found! xx Sophie

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Wearing: New Look boots (similar that I love here!), Romwe jeans (here), H&M jumper (old, similar here), H&M hat (sold out, similar here), & Other Stories bracelet (here), lip lacquer c/o Born Pretty Store* (here)

July Glossybox Unboxing


So it’s now July, and in my blogging world you know what that means don’t you…time to unbox a new Glossybox!! I’ve been with Glossybox for a couple of months now, in fact, this will be my third box (if you count the starter kit box – read the post here!) I actually realised the other week that I shot photographs to unbox my June Glossybox here on the blog, then completely forgot to edit the photos and publish the post…whoops! That means that this is really the first proper box in my Glossybox Unboxing series.

This month, every single product inside the box was full size! This was one of the reasons that I switched from Birchbox, as I’d heard good things about the Glossybox sample sizes, and they haven’t disappointed yet. The star of this month’s box was the Utan and Tone Nourishing Night Creme, a gradual tanning moisturiser specifically for ya face. This was one product that I was excited about because I already use a tanning lotion for my body, and wanted something that I could match up with this for my face. So far so good.

Next up in the box were a flat buffing brush from Blank Canvas Cosmetics, a lip gloss by Hawaiian Tropic (let me tell ya, you could eat this stuff!), a waterproof mascara from Icona Milano, and a Hairon de-tangle brush. I’m excited to try out each product so I can let you know more of my thoughts on them! Let me know if you’d want to see a follow-up post after I’ve tried everything out.NCFglossyboxjuly-3 NCFglossyboxjuly-1 NCFglossyboxjuly-4

Check back around the middle of every month to see me unbox all my Glossyboxes or if you can’t wait, subscribe to your own Glossybox here and get beauty treats sent right to your door every month! xx Sophie

Items in the box: Hawaiian Tropic Island Berry Lip Gloss (RRP £6.99, on sale buy it here), Icona Milano Emotion Allowed Mascara (RRP £13.04, buy it here), Hairon De-tangle Brush (RRP £6.99, buy it here), Blank Canvas F20 Flat Brush (RRP £11.95, buy it here), Utan And Tone Nourishing Night Creme (RRP £12.50, buy it here)

The LYH: Little Yellow Handbag


Just when you think you couldn’t be any more obsessed with clothing, you realise that you kind of might slightly have a thing for bags too and would love to buy and buy and buy them. My latest mission has been to find a black bag. You know, one of those classic handbags that you can wear with anything and will last…well I was going to say a lifetime but knowing what I’m like, I’d find an alternative/replacement before then… Anyway, enough about the black bag (which, by the way, I have found so look out for it on the blog at some point!), today’s post is all about this amazing handbag from Mango. What’s not to love about a bright yellow accessory which looks and feels so much more expensive than it was? This bag is another one of those classics I was talking about, but more of a novelty one. Even though I’ve been told I wear a lot of black, there are some days when yellow just isn’t gonna go with the rest of my outfit, and that’s where the black handbag will come in! The yellow bag is a very structured shape which is perfect –  sometimes slouchy bags can really get on my nerves when I can’t find what I’m looking for because it’s fallen all the way to the bottom. Plus, you’ve got options: use the shoulder strap if you want ease and comfort (yes please!), or go for the two handles if you want a more sophisticated, put together finish to your look. Either way, Mango is definitely the place to shop if you’re on the hunt for a new handbag! There’s a sale on at the moment with some great reductions too, but I will warn you, be quick before things you’ve put in your basket sell out! Yes, I’m speaking from disappointed experience…NCFfloralbomber-1 NCFfloralbomber-11 NCFfloralbomber-6 NCFfloralbomber-3 NCFfloralbomber-12 NCFfloralbomber-4 NCFfloralbomber-5 NCFfloralbomber-7 NCFfloralbomber-8 NCFfloralbomber-10 NCFfloralbomber-9 NCFfloralbomber-13 NCFfloralbomber-14

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The Camouflage Denim Jacket You Can Wear All Year Round


I think the hooks in my room are about to fall off the wall underneath the weight of all of my jackets. They’re accumulating fast, but don’t worry – this one only cost me £3 in a charity shop! I’m not a cardigan kind of person so I always wear jackets as an extra layer over tops and t shirts. You might have noticed I’m on a bit of a camouflage kick at the moment and I’m a denim hoarder so this jacket is probably the perfect thing for me right now. It’s a Topshop original too, so for a few pounds, how could I say no? It’s actually slightly padded as well so this will see me nicely through the seasons. Right now I can wear it with a midi dress and open heels, but come autumn/winter, I’ll be sporting this with a chunky knit and some ripped jeans. Yes, I’m even happy to go for denim on denim…NCFcamodenim-1 NCFcamodenim-8NCFcamodenim-2 NCFcamodenim-3 NCFcamodenim-4 NCFcamodenim-10 NCFcamodenim-6 NCFcamodenim-5 NCFcamodenim-9

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Wearing: M&Co dress (sold out, similar here), Topshop jacket (thrifted), Truffle heels (similar here), Kylie Jenner for SinfulColours nail polish in ‘Kurtsey’ (here)

The All Black Watch / The Latest In My Collection

Every now and then, I decide that I need to buy myself a new watch. When I first started my blog back in 2013, it was my rose gold Marc Jacobs, then I got an Olivia Burton black and gold watch for my birthday one year. The latest one in the collection has been my Everwrist silver mesh strap watch, which I’m sure you’ve seen me wearing over and over. It’s a classic that goes with every outfit, but last month it was time to add a new one to the line up. Before I got my Everwrist watch, I’d been surfing the Urban Watch website and loved all the different combinations they had on offer. The all-black leather strap one was one of my favourites and since the prices are so good, that’s what I went for this time. It’s a super smart watch – I can wear it to work every day (we have to wear black) for a smart look, or add it to a dark, grungy outfit on my days off as the perfect accessory and the perfect instagram subject.NCFdungareedress-8 NCFdungareedress-4 NCFdungareedress-1For this photo shoot, I styled the new watch with a dusky pink pinny dress, my other trusty Adidas (yes, sometimes I do venture outside of wearing my Stan Smiths), and a pair of oversized black shades which Born Pretty Store kindly sent me. Whenever the sun comes out, these are what you’ll find shading my face and can you believe they’re only $6.99? Plus, you can get an extra 10% off site wide with my code BVT10!! You’re welcome! NCFdungareedress-5 NCFdungareedress-6 NCFdungareedress-7 NCFdungareedress-10 NCFdungareedress-2 NCFdungareedress-3

Check out how I style my Urban Watch in my instagram posts here – I’m @notcentralfash, what’s your Insta handle? xx Sophie

Wearing: Urban Watch London watch (here), Primark pinafore (similar here), H&M top (similar here), Adidas Superstars (here), sunglasses c/o Born Pretty Store* (here), nail polish c/o Zoya* in shade ‘Dory’ (here)

The Dress I Never Wore


Confession time! I bought this dress a couple of years ago when it was all the rage at Primark, but this is the first time I’ve worn it…I know that’s pretty bad but I kept it all this time because I felt like it was one of the those pieces where one day I’d need a smart summer dress and this would come in handy. To be honest, that occasion hasn’t come about, but I pulled it out of my wardrobe on a warm day and decided to show it some light. Turns out it’s a really comfortable dress with thick, neoprene-style material and the best pockets hidden within all that skirt. It also makes for a good photo shoot because you can twirl and twirl all day long in this thing! Unless you’re new here, you might know that I’m not generally a girly girl in the way I dress, so naturally I paired my summer dress with a pair of trusty Stan Smiths – at the moment, my all time favourite trainer!NCFbananadress-4 NCFbananadress-1 NCFbananadress-8 NCFbananadress-6 NCFbananadress-2 NCFbananadress-5 NCFbananadress-3

Does anyone remember this Primark dress from a couple of years ago?? xx Sophie

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Wearing: Primark dress (old, similar here, and here), Adidas Stan Smith (here), sunglasses c/o Born Pretty Store* (here, get 10% off your order with code “BVT10”)

Summer Trend / Bomber Jackets


Bomber jackets are a huge trend right now, and you’ll find them in every shop you go in. Consequently, I seem to be accumulating a nice little collection of them and this is only the latest. The camo bomber from New Look was positioned right in front of the entrance to the shop so it was the first thing I saw when I walked in. They somehow always seem to know when I’m going shopping and what I’m going to love. They had a huge selection of bomber jackets all pulled together on a stand so there was every pattern you could think of, but I’ve got my heart set on camo at the moment. It’s the perfect lightweight summer jacket and I’ve been wearing it as a quick coverup on my way to work every day. Long live the bomber jackets (and keep your eye out for more from my collection coming to the blog soon!)NCFcamobomber-2 NCFcamobomber-6 NCFcamobomber-1 NCFcamobomber-9 NCFcamobomber-4 NCFcamobomber-7 NCFcamobomber-10NCFcamobomber-3 NCFcamobomber-8

Have you invested in a bomber jacket this season? Where are your favourites from? xx Sophie

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The Skinny Fit Dungarees & Where To Shop Summer Sandals


Sorry for the lack of blog posts here lately, but I’m back this weekend, showing you how to style a pair of skinny dungarees! You’ve all seen my Topshop dungarees (if you missed them, check it out here) which have more of a relaxed fit around the legs and are great to wear rolled up at the hem and slung low at the waist. When I purchased my black dungarees, however, I picked out a pair that are skinny in the leg which gives them more of a modern twist. I actually find them a little bit harder to style than a relaxed-fit pair and they don’t seem to sit as comfortably. You can’t go wrong with a bit of khaki and some lace-up details, though, so I styled them up with a long sleeve lace-up top and some matching lace-up espadrille sandals. I bought a couple of pairs of summer shoes from H&M recently and I love them both so much. They’re so comfortable and are quite a slim fit so they’re really flattering on the feet. H&M is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for a pair of casual summer sandals that you can live in all day every day.NCFblackdungarees-1 NCFblackdungarees-6 NCFblackdungarees-2 NCFblackdungarees-8 NCFblackdungarees-3 NCFblackdungarees-7 NCFblackdungarees-4

Which do you prefer- skinny or relaxed fit dungarees? xx Sophie

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Wearing: Primark top (similar here), New Look dungarees (here), H&M espadrilles (here), sunglasses c/o Born Pretty Store* (here, get 10% off your order with code “BVT10”), Topshop necklace (here)