September In Pictures


September has flown by and I can’t believe it’s October tomorrow. Not that I’m complaining as I love autumn and winter! I’ve been trying my best to keep the blog going while I’ve been working at the same time, and I feel like September has been a good month for blog posts. I decided to do a round up of some of my favourite posts from this month for you, in case you’ve missed out on anything!NCFbps08jewellery-9

My collaboration with my favourite fast jewellery brand continued throughout September

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Stealing from someone else’s wardrobe again – Mum’s gold trainers

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One of summer’s poolside essentials, styled for every day

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The joys of thrift shopping – bringing back the naughties Von Dutch trend

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Showing you my daring side and how to tone down a flashy jumpsuit

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Easing into the new season with my latest buy –  biker boots

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Let me know which was your favourite look from September! xx Soph

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Your New Season Shoe Fix


If you look back at previous years on my blog around winter time, you’ll probably notice that I get a new pair of boots every year – and 2016 is no exception. So I know it’s kind of early to be buying winter boots yet as we’re barely out of summer, but as I’ve learned recently, when you see something you like you HAVE to buy it or it goes out of stock like that *clicks fingers*. Especially if you’re looking at places like Zara or ASOS. I’d had the page for these boots saved on my laptop for a little while but when I actually went to buy them, all size 6s were gone. I was so disappointed until an email dropped into my inbox to say they were back in stock the next day – yay!

I really wanted them for my trip to Scotland in November so I’m gonna try not to over-wear them before that! I just wanted to give you a peek at them on the blog, and I think I managed to style them up with more of a summery look. I love this oversized Lands’ End shirt which, surprise, surprise, I picked up in a charity shop! It’s quite a stiff shirt so would be perfect for a smart, officey look, but since I don’t have an office to go to I wore it untucked with the sleeves half turned, half rolled up, making it quite a casual look.

NCFstripeshirt-1 NCFstripeshirt-7 NCFstripeshirt-2 NCFstripeshirt-3

Who’s also loving my Chiara Ferragni style bag? I got it off SheIn and you can wear it as either a shoulder bag or a clutch! Shop it here!NCFstripeshirt-4 NCFstripeshirt-11 NCFstripeshirt-5 NCFstripeshirt-10 NCFstripeshirt-6 NCFstripeshirt-13 NCFstripeshirt-8 NCFstripeshirt-9

Let me know if you’re stocking up on winter essentials yet! xx Sophie

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Wearing: Lands’ End shirt (thrifted, similar here), Missguided skirt (similar here), Zara boots (here), SheIn bag (here), Topshop sunglasses (in nude here)



My crazy jumpsuit from yesterday wasn’t the only thing I bought from SheIn recently. While I was scrolling through pages and pages of tops, this black tee caught my eye. I’m a fan of a good slogan when I see one, and I’m also a fan of a good Drake song when I hear one. Mix both of those together and you end up with a pretty cool t-shirt that naturally I couldn’t resist buying. It’s a pretty standard, baggy kinda t-shirt, but tuck it into a skirt or pair of jeans and roll up the sleeves and it looks a million times better than it did on the hanger. I tied a camo sweatshirt loosely round my waist to add a bit of colour to my otherwise all-black outfit, and voila – you’ve got yourself an easy-to-wear, casual daytime look!NCFdraketee-2 NCFdraketee-8 NCFdraketee-4 NCFdraketee-1 NCFdraketee-5 NCFdraketee-6 NCFdraketee-9 NCFdraketee-7

Who else can’t resist a good slogan tee? xx Soph

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Wearing: SheIn t-shirt (here), SheIn bag (here), Topshop sweatshirt (similar here), Topshop skirt (here), Zara boots (here)

The Stripe Jumpsuit


I had a recent splurge on SheIn and ended up with a crazy full-length stripy jumpsuit. Who knew I’d ever pick something silky with wide legs and a deep v neckline? I know it’s completely different to what I would normally pick out, but I just had the urge to buy this one, even if I only ever get to wear it for photoshoots! I also thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out this cami-over-a-white-tee trend that’s doing the rounds at the moment. I know this isn’t quite a cami, but I thought a plunging halter neck and low back would also do the same trick layered over a plain white t-shirt. For me, the white t-shirt makes the jumpsuit a lot more wearable. You could even throw on a pair of Stan Smiths with this look to make it less going-out chic and more casual sports luxe. NCFstripejumpsuit-6 NCFstripejumpsuit-1 NCFstripejumpsuit-8 NCFstripejumpsuit-2 NCFstripejumpsuit-9 NCFstripejumpsuit-3 NCFstripejumpsuit-10 NCFstripejumpsuit-5 NCFstripejumpsuit-4

Are you a fan of the white t-shirt and cami trend at the moment? xx Soph

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Wearing: SheIn jumpsuit (here), Primark t-shirt (similar here), Clarks sandals (similar here), Touchstone necklace

Retro Vibes / Denim Midi Skirt


Retro vibes coming to the blog today with a cute denim midi skirt from Zara. Every now and then, I like to style something for the blog that I wouldn’t normally pick out to wear for myself everyday. I’ve discussed so many times before on here that I am way more of a jeans girl than a skirts girl, but there’s something about this skirt and its vintage vibe that I loved and knew I had to shoot. On my petite 5’3″ frame, I’d normally be fastening up my stilettos to wear with a midi skirt, but I’m kinda liking this look with my trusty Stan Smiths. I paired it with a white lace ruffle collar top from M&S which adds a touch of elegance to contrast the trainers.NCFdenimmidiskirt-1 NCFdenimmidiskirt-8 NCFdenimmidiskirt-3

The weather seems to have gone off in the past few days, and instead of styling this top with a lightweight skirt, I’m picturing it layered underneath a cosy knit and classic coat. Is it too early to be planning my autumn/winter outfits?
NCFdenimmidiskirt-9 NCFdenimmidiskirt-2 NCFdenimmidiskirt-7 NCFdenimmidiskirt-5 NCFdenimmidiskirt-6

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Wearing: Marks & Spencer top (old, similar here), Zara denim skirt (buy the exact one heresimilar here), Adidas Stan Smiths (here), F+F bag (old, similar here)

Bringing Back Von Dutch


I remember Von Dutch from back in the day and more recently saw it popping up in my feed on the likes of Kylie Jenner. Who doesn’t remember those slogan trucker caps? You can probably imagine my excitement when we found this vintage Von Dutch denim jacket on yet another charity shop haul. Luckily it was just about my size (maybe a little oversized) so I could borrow it for a photo shoot. I actually wanted to keep it all to myself but since I already own 3 denim jackets, you can shop it here!NCFvondutch-2 NCFvondutch-1 NCFvondutch-4

I kept the styling super simple as always, to make sure the focus was all on the jacket. I’m never against double denim (unless you’re talking Britney and Justin double denim, then I’m not so sure) but I decided to steer clear of it for this look and opted for monochrome details instead. When was the last time you saw these Adidas Superstars on the blog?! I’ve definitely been living more in my Stan Smiths, but I dug these ones back out again because they fit the look so much better!NCFvondutch-15 NCFvondutch-3 NCFvondutch-10 NCFvondutch-11 NCFvondutch-5 NCFvondutch-9 NCFvondutch-6 NCFvondutch-12 NCFvondutch-7 NCFvondutch-14 NCFvondutch-8

If you’re wishing you could be a bit more Kylie in your everyday life, shop the Von Dutch jacket here, and follow me on Instagram @notcentralfash to see my Von Dutch flatlay! xx Soph

Wearing: Von Dutch jacket (here), Primark t-shirt (similar here), Hearts & Bows shorts (old, similar here), Adidas Superstars (here), watch c/o Everwrist* (here)

Skyline To


Today I’m bringing you a rather smart dress, something much fancier than I normally wear but if you can’t dress up for the blog, when can you dress up? OK, so there are definitely a million other times you can dress up too, but I thought this Zara dress was gorgeous and really wanted to shoot some photos with it for the blog! It was yet another £3 charity shop job and I think it’s the perfect little dress for a garden party. I know the summer season is coming to an end, but we’ve still got some pretty nice weather at the moment so why not make the most of the sunny days and pretend like it’s still summer?NCFjacquarddress-4 NCFjacquarddress-8 NCFjacquarddress-3

I paired the dress with my nude strappy shoes from Topshop to make sure the look was casual and fun, and easy-to-wear (you know I’m not about those stilettos most days of the week!). For me on these sunny days, an oversized floppy-brimmed hat is essential to shade your eyes and face, and I feel like it ties the whole look together without going too overboard on the accessories.NCFjacquarddress-9

My pretty jewellery is from Born Pretty Store and you can get your own with my 10% discount code, BVT10! Check them out online here for super cheap costume jewellery and more accessories!NCFjacquarddress-2 NCFjacquarddress-5 NCFjacquarddress-6

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Wearing: Zara dress (thrifted, buy it here), New Look hat (similar here), Topshop shoes (old), all jewellery c/o Born Pretty* (bangle here, rings here)

How To Style A Kimono When You’re Not Poolside


I’ve never been big into kimonos because I feel like they’re something to be worn poolside on holiday or by the beach. However, you may be aware that I do like a bit of leaf print every now and then (check out the amazing Ganni dress here!) so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shoot with this one. My “leaf print kimono” search on Pinterest didn’t return much in the way of inspiration so I had to go it alone and create a look from scratch. My first thought was a black slip dress layered underneath the kimono but I didn’t want to make the look too dressy as that’s not really my style. I’d much sooner throw on a slouchy playsuit than a figure-hugging dress, so that’s exactly what I did. This khaki Firetrap number hasn’t been out of my wardrobe for quite some time now, but it’s just as good as it always was! Check out the look in 2014 here!
NCFpalmkimono-6 NCFpalmkimono-1 NCFpalmkimono-2 NCFpalmkimono-7

I feel like this playsuit is a piece which doesn’t need a lot of fuss or excessive styling around it, but this kimono just adds a nice little touch with a nod to this summer’s leaf print trend. Plus, it makes a great cover up for when the sun goes in.NCFpalmkimono-3 NCFpalmkimono-8 NCFpalmkimono-6 NCFpalmkimono-11 NCFpalmkimono-9 NCFpalmkimono-10

Let me know your thoughts on kimonos for summer – should they stay by the pool or can we style them for everyday? xx Soph

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Wearing: AX Paris kimono (shop the actual one heresimilar here), Firetrap playsuit (old, similar here), Zara boots (here)

Gold Trainers & Dungarees


I’m a sucker for anything gold. If I walk into a shop and see gold, chances are I’ll buy it – whatever it is. At the moment I’m also really into Zara, so sorry if it seems like I keep going on about them in all my posts! #notsponsored

My mum got these gold trainers from Zara last month, and while I wasn’t jealously wishing I’d got there first, I did know that I’d have to borrow them for the blog. The perks of having a fashionable mother with the same shoe size as you!

NCFgoldtrainers-7 NCFgoldtrainers-2 NCFgoldtrainers-6

I had a few ideas of outfits I could wear with the shoes (at first I was picturing the white t-shirt under a cami trend – let me know if you want to see that in another post!) but I settled on my dungarees and a trusty plain white tee. Strangely, my denim dungarees haven’t been out of my wardrobe all summer, something which I surprised myself with. They cost a bomb from Topshop but I knew they’d be great quality, and yet I haven’t had much wear out of them. They go so well with so many different combos (see how else I’ve styled them here and here) but paired with a white t-shirt has to be one of my faves. Throw in some snazzy gold trainers and you’ve got yourself a perfect outfit in my eyes!NCFgoldtrainers-3 NCFgoldtrainers-8 NCFgoldtrainers-4 NCFgoldtrainers-5

Even though I said I wasn’t jealous of my mum’s gold shoes, I did just order myself some “champagne gold” hi-tops in the sale at Superdry…

Let me know if you’d like to see me style those on the blog too! xx Soph

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Wearing: Zara trainers (here), Primark t-shirt (similar here), Topshop dungarees (similar here), Primark clutch bag (similar here), triangle necklace & bangle c/o Born Pretty* (here and here), arrow necklace c/o Orelia* (similar here)

Must Have Summer Piece / Denim Skirt


Every season I find a piece of clothing that I just want to wear all the time. For summer this year I think the best thing I did was search “Bella Hadid style” on Pinterest because it lead me to this denim skirt. Check out the post I did here to see how to steal Bella’s style!

Now I have to wear a uniform to work five days a week, I don’t have a lot of time to style up my own clothes – and I’m sure you’ve gathered from all my blog posts by now that I have quite a lot of clothes! Whenever I do get chance, as long as the sun’s shining and the temperature’s above 20 degrees, then this denim skirt is all I want to wear.
NCFwhiteshirt-1 NCFwhiteshirt-2 NCFwhiteshirt-9

Today I’ve paired it with a couple of new buys from Zara (white shirt and black boots) and my monochrome fancy bomber jacket. The shirt comes in 3 different colours – white, khaki, and denim blue – and I could’ve quite happily bought them all! I settled on the white one, though because it makes it a classic shirt that I can wear a million ways with a million things. The boots were also a great buy – a piece which will transition well from summer to autumn. See how I wore them with a funky denim playsuit here and if you want all the goss on the fanciest jacket in my bomber collection then let me know in the comments and I’ll dedicate a post to the designer piece that I got for a steal!NCFwhiteshirt-6 NCFwhiteshirt-3 NCFwhiteshirt-7 NCFwhiteshirt-4 NCFwhiteshirt-5

What’s your favourite summer clothing item? xx Soph

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Wearing: Zara shirt (here), Zara boots (here), New Look skirt (sold out, similar here), Marella jacket (old, similar here), New Look belt (sold out, similar here), watch c/o Everwrist* (here)