The Skirt for Winter with Romwe


Today I’m styling a quirky skirt which I was very lucky to receive from Romwe this week. It’s the sort of skirt my Nana would be horrified by and offer to buy me a new one, but I love its grunge, torn-apart look! If you visited my blog earlier this summer then you might have seen the blog post I did about my denim mini skirt. It was one of my favourite pieces at the time so I was quite excited to add a grey version to my wardrobe. Although I’m planning on styling the denim version for autumn and posting it on the blog soon, I feel that this grey skirt is more winter-appropriate so I can’t wait to get some more wear out of it.



You might have seen a sneaky little pic of the goodies I bought in Primark on my Instagram already (Primark haul coming to the blog next week!) and this was one of the jumpers I picked up. It’s actually a longline jumper – a style I don’t normally go for because height isn’t naturally on my side – but the dusky pink colour drew me towards it, and I figured that I could easily tuck it into jeans or a skirt if I wanted more of a cropped look.





I know that some people can be a bit wary of sites like Romwe because of concerns about the quality of the clothing – how can something be so cheap and still good quality? – but I was really impressed with this skirt. It’s decent denim-style material, and for me the fit is absolutely perfect. I got this in a size small so if you normally buy  a size 6 or a 25″ waist then this will be a perfect fit for you too. Romwe do provide all the measurements on the website too, so it’s easy to work out what size you’ll need.



What do you think about this grunge piece? Do you normally shop at Romwe and has your experience been as good as mine? xx Sophie

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Wearing skirt c/o Romwe* (here), Primark jumper (similar here), H&M boots (old, similar here), Fiorelli bag (here), New Look belt (similar here)

SheIn Autumn Wishlist / Get the Perfect Look

SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe
SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe
















When the autumn season swings around each year, you know it’s time to go on the hunt for some new knitwear. If you’re anything like me and get bored with clothing quite easily, you’ll understand that wearing last year’s knitwear just won’t cut it. When I’m shopping for a few new pieces like this, I always go for brands which make affordable clothing, because why have just one expensive item when you can have so many more cheaper ones? I put together a wishlist of knitwear from one of my favourite affordable online shops, SheIn, so that you can get some inspiration if you’re hunting for autumnal pieces like I am. My personal favourite is the first one on the middle row and it’s only $14! Btw, each picture is clickable so you can head straight to that item on SheIn’s website if you see something you fancy, and don’t forget you can take 40% off your order if you spend $55 or more! xx Sophie

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How To Wear A Denim Playsuit For Autumn

I always knew that when autumn and winter came around, I wanted to make sure that this playsuit would still be wearable. It was a complete bargain in the Zara sale, but because I waited until it had gone into sale to buy it, it was rather late in the summer season. Having to wear a uniform to work most days of the week meant that I didn’t get very much chance to wear it, but it’s still such a cool piece in my wardrobe that I don’t want it to be forgotten now that summer’s over. I layered it on with a long sleeve top and some big chunky boots and I’ve easily got myself an autumn playsuit! I think that’s the good thing about it being denim fabric – denim can be worn all day, every day, all throughout the year. Soon, I’ll just be adding a pair of tights and a thicker jumper, and this playsuit will be all set for the winter season.
NCFautumndenim-6 NCFautumndenim-7 NCFautumndenim-1 NCFautumndenim-8 NCFautumndenim-2 NCFautumndenim-9 NCFautumndenim-5 NCFautumndenim-4
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Wearing: Zara playsuit (sold out, similar here), New Look belt (similar here), Primark top (similar here), SheIn bag (here), Zara boots (here)

Patch Jeans & Blush Tones

I know the patch trend was huge. It’s been, it’s happened, and I should probably be getting over it by now, but every time I see something adorned with patches and embroidery, I’m sold. I bought these jeans about a month ago, maybe more (read my first post about them here) and I’m still convinced they’re one of the coolest things ever to grace my wardrobe. Having said that, they’re definitely not the easiest things to style, and I find that very frustrating. Maybe it’s because they’re so glitzy that I’m afraid of over-doing it. Or maybe it’s because there are so many different patches that I don’t know which colour to pick out as my focus. Whatever the explanation, whenever I pull these jeans out of the wardrobe, I seem to get fashion block.


In the end I went for a very neutral look, picking out greys, blush tones, and white to contrast the loudness of the bottom half of the outfit. I’ve never been much of a cardi-wearing person – you know I much prefer a bomber! – but I fancied something cosy in a winter-neutral colour for the next few months and H&M did just the trick. This blush number might just be my new favourite thing!





This was another shoot using my Olympus Pen because we loved the first set of photographs so much. What do you think of the style of photographs in comparison to the ones we take on my normal camera? Let me know what you like, and if you’ve got any tips on how you’d style these glam jeans then leave me a comment below for some much-needed inspiration! xx Sophie

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Wearing: Topshop jeans (here), H&M jumper (thrifted, similar here), H&M cardi (similar here), H&M hat (old, similar here), Adidas Stan Smiths (here)

How I Style the Metallic Skinny Jeans


I know it’s kind of early but I’m gonna say it anyway – walking round the shops and flicking through catalogues, I feel like the festive season is creeping right up on us. Sparkles, glitter, and metallic hues are everywhere, and it’s making me quite happy. To get a piece of the trend, I opted for something fairly subtle which I think can still be worn throughout the year anyway – metallic grey skinny jeans. These were definitely my faves when I saw them in the Next Autumn/Winter catalogue, but I did have some concerns about the sizing for these as I normally find Next come up too big on me. I decided to go for them despite this and ordered a size 6 regular, and hallelujah they fit me! I don’t know if anyone else finds Next sizes to be quite big, but I’d definitely say for these particular jeans, they are a true-to-size fit.NCFmetallicjeans-1

NCFmetallicjeans-3 NCFmetallicjeans-2 NCFmetallicjeans-4

I started off by keeping the look quite grungey with this Firetrap t-shirt – the gun metal grey colours go together so well – but I also wanted to make the outfit a bit more fun, and that’s where the pink bomber jacket comes in! If you’ve seen some of my earlier posts (read here and here) you’ll know that I’ve got quite the collection of bomber jackets, but this one has to come quite high on the list for me! What’s better than a hint of pink on a grey autumn day?NCFmetallicjeans-5

Let me know what you think of the metallic trend at the moment, and how you would’ve styled these skinnies! xx Sophie

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Wearing: Next jeans (here), Firetrap t-shirt (old, similar here), H&M bomber jacket (here), Adidas Stan Smiths (here)

Jersey Dress with a Flounce Hem


I know I’ve waffled on about SheIn a fair few times recently (read about my jumpsuit here and pinstripe dress here!) so you’ll already understand why I was so excited when the lovely girls at SheIn sent me this pretty flounce-hem dress. If you haven’t already heard of SheIn and spent hours scrolling through their website then a) where have you been? and b) you really need to get on that. I never fail to find something I want to buy from SheIn, and more often than not end up with 10+ items in my shopping bag…NCFsheindress-1 NCFsheindress-8 NCFsheindress-2

I thought the dress was just a really simple, gorgeous piece which can be carried through the year, no matter what the season. It’s really easy to throw on with a pair of boots, and the jersey material makes it super comfortable. Still, I think you could definitely dress it up too, and play on the girly flounce-hem to make it look more classy. For me though, wearing it as if it’s an oversized sweatshirt is the best way to style it.NCFsheindress-3 NCFsheindress-10 NCFsheindress-4 NCFsheindress-6 NCFsheindress-7 NCFsheindress-9

I’ve got more ideas on how to style this simple dress so let me know if you’d like to see it on the blog again very soon! xx Soph

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Wearing: dress c/o SheIn* (here), Next hat (similar here), Zara boots (here)

Retro Autumn Look with My Olympus Pen


At the weekend I went on a little adventure back to where I used to live, and took my new Olympus Pen with me! I’ve been after one of these point and shoots for a while as an alternative to my DSLR and to use for my Instagrams and other general photographs. While we were staying with some of my family, my sister and I stepped out to get some Insta shots on my Pen. That obviously turned into a full-on shoot, but when the lighting’s this good and your camera shoots great photos even on just a standard lens, you can’t really blame us, can you?

I thought it was a really cute, quirky shoot with a bit of a retro vibe, so thank you to my sister for her mad photography skillz. Can we also just take a minute to appreciate that I decided to embrace my hair colour and wear it down for once. What do you think?




I’m currently loving this fine-knit t-shirt ever since I wore it with this outfit! Why haven’t I worn it more, I hear you ask. To be honest I have no idea, but I’m thinking it’s a perfect piece for the autumn season so no doubt you’ll be seeing it again from now on. How else would you style it? Let me know your thoughts so I can get some inspiration!









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Wearing: F+F t-shirt (similar here), Topshop jacket (old, similar here), Topshop jeans (here), Superdry hi-tops (similar here), Olympus Pen here

Pinstripe Floral Embellished Dress


Another photo shoot from last week with that dramatic, moody lighting (see the other one in a stripy jumpsuit here) and yet again, a piece from SheIn. You’re probably thinking I’m absolutely obsessed but it’s actually just a case of a once-every-few-months-splurge. What can I say, you can’t beat a bit of SheIn or Romwe every now and then. This time, I’m styling up an off-the-shoulder, pinstriped, floral embellished dress. It doesn’t get much more on-trend than this dress. Add in a choker, a wide-brimmed, two-toned hat, and some studded boots and I’m pretty much loving this whole look! If only it was still warm enough to wear it a week later.NCFpinstripedress-2 NCFpinstripedress-4 NCFpinstripedress-7 NCFpinstripedress-9 NCFpinstripedress-3 NCFpinstripedress-5 NCFpinstripedress-8 NCFpinstripedress-6 NCFpinstripedress-10

What are your thoughts on this look? I’d love to hear them! xx Sophie

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Wearing: SheIn dress (here), Next hat (sold out, similar here), New Look boots (sold out, similar here), watch c/o Everwrist* (here), Accessorize choker (similar here)

September In Pictures


September has flown by and I can’t believe it’s October tomorrow. Not that I’m complaining as I love autumn and winter! I’ve been trying my best to keep the blog going while I’ve been working at the same time, and I feel like September has been a good month for blog posts. I decided to do a round up of some of my favourite posts from this month for you, in case you’ve missed out on anything!NCFbps08jewellery-9

My collaboration with my favourite fast jewellery brand continued throughout September

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Stealing from someone else’s wardrobe again – Mum’s gold trainers

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One of summer’s poolside essentials, styled for every day

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The joys of thrift shopping – bringing back the naughties Von Dutch trend

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Showing you my daring side and how to tone down a flashy jumpsuit

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Easing into the new season with my latest buy –  biker boots

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Let me know which was your favourite look from September! xx Soph

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Your New Season Shoe Fix


If you look back at previous years on my blog around winter time, you’ll probably notice that I get a new pair of boots every year – and 2016 is no exception. So I know it’s kind of early to be buying winter boots yet as we’re barely out of summer, but as I’ve learned recently, when you see something you like you HAVE to buy it or it goes out of stock like that *clicks fingers*. Especially if you’re looking at places like Zara or ASOS. I’d had the page for these boots saved on my laptop for a little while but when I actually went to buy them, all size 6s were gone. I was so disappointed until an email dropped into my inbox to say they were back in stock the next day – yay!

I really wanted them for my trip to Scotland in November so I’m gonna try not to over-wear them before that! I just wanted to give you a peek at them on the blog, and I think I managed to style them up with more of a summery look. I love this oversized Lands’ End shirt which, surprise, surprise, I picked up in a charity shop! It’s quite a stiff shirt so would be perfect for a smart, officey look, but since I don’t have an office to go to I wore it untucked with the sleeves half turned, half rolled up, making it quite a casual look.

NCFstripeshirt-1 NCFstripeshirt-7 NCFstripeshirt-2 NCFstripeshirt-3

Who’s also loving my Chiara Ferragni style bag? I got it off SheIn and you can wear it as either a shoulder bag or a clutch! Shop it here!NCFstripeshirt-4 NCFstripeshirt-11 NCFstripeshirt-5 NCFstripeshirt-10 NCFstripeshirt-6 NCFstripeshirt-13 NCFstripeshirt-8 NCFstripeshirt-9

Let me know if you’re stocking up on winter essentials yet! xx Sophie

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