Travelling Through Scotland / Berwick, Edinburgh, Inverness, Beauly


On the second travelling day of my holiday, we drove from Berwick and all the way up through Scotland, with a quick stop off in Inverness before ending up in the little village of Beauly. We took a few snaps in each place and once again, I’ve compiled them together for your viewing! NCFinverness-6 NCFinverness-9Inverness


NCFinverness-2 NCFinverness-3 NCFinverness-15Berwick

NCFinverness-14NCFinverness-4The new Forth Bridge in Edinburgh

NCFinverness-5 NCFinverness-7 NCFinverness-16 NCFinverness-10 NCFinverness-12

When it comes to your outfit, the key tip for a road trip day (which includes a lot of driving and a bit of sight-seeing) is layers. Yes, it might be warm inside the car but step outside on a November day in the North and you’ll wish you’d layered up. I opted for a long sleeve but light-weight top from Zara Kids underneath my chunky knit H&M cardigan. The hat seemed like the perfect accessory with a hint of the matching blush shade, and my camo parka came to the rescue once again to keep me cosy. To finish off the look, white hi-tops seemed the perfect option for comfort and ease throughout the day.NCFinverness-8 NCFinverness-13

Wearing: One Nation Clothing coat (here), Zara kids’ top (similar here), H&M cardi (similar here), Topshop jeans (here), Superdry hi-tops (similar here), necklace c/o Born Pretty Store* (here), Primark hat (similar here)

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Where I Stayed / Eagle Brae Log Cabins


I’ve done a lot of blog posts showing you the beautiful scenery from my holiday to Scotland, but none have actually shown you the inside of the amazing log cabin I stayed in at Eagle Brae. Obviously we did snap some pics inside while we were there so I compiled them all together and I’m sharing them with you today!


You’ve seen the views for yourselves in a few of my other posts (check them out here and here) and they were just as impressive through the huge windows up on this balcony.




The whole building was made of wood and there were intricate carvings everywhere you looked. Did you see this Instagram I posted looking down over this balcony onto the ground floor?





Our cabin was the only one to feature an impressive stag antler chandelier and so many other decorations dotted around on shelves and down the stairway.



It was definitely one of the nicest places I’ve stayed in on a holiday and you can check them out here if you’re heading into the highlands! xx Sophie

Wearing: Primark jumper & pinafore (similar here and here)

Blue Patchwork Coat / Chanonry Point


It’s almost been a month since my trip to Scotland, but I wanted to bring you back to that trip here on the blog because I’ve still got so many photos to share with you. We came to this place called Chanonry Point to try and see some dolphins but it was a bit disappointing on that front. The views were beautiful though of course, and it was the perfect opportunity for some blog photos in my all-blue outfit. Even though my camouflage parka has been the best buy for me this winter so far (read the post all about it here!) this patchwork number from Next comes in close second. It’s super soft and cosy, and you can dress it up smart or keep it casual depending on your mood and style.


NCFchanonry-5 NCFchanonry-11 NCFchanonry-6 NCFchanonry-6 NCFchanonry-15

This time I went really casual, pairing the coat with my denim mini skirt and leather biker boots. Yes, I know you’ve seen these boots so many times already on the blog, but they are just the best winter boots, and my saviour on this trip to Scotland. White canvas hi-tops, you were nice, but not for a walk through a forest or up a huge hill in the snow…NCFchanonry-7


NCFchanonry-8 NCFchanonry-9

The coat comes in Petite and Regular sizing, and I went for mine in a Petite size 6 to make sure it didn’t come up too long and that it was fitted around the waist – and I still managed to layer a knitted jumper underneath!


NCFchanonry-10 NCFchanonry-19 NCFchanonry-18


NCFchanonry-16 NCFchanonry-20 NCFchanonry-22 NCFchanonry-17



Let me know what you think of this look, xx Sophie

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Wearing: Next coat (here), Primark jumper (similar here), New Look skirt (similar here), Zara boots (here), H&M scarf (diy, similar here), Topshop backpack (similar in velvet here)

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales with SheIn

Friday has been and gone but the Black Friday sales are continuing across the internet as we go into Cyber Monday. The best place to shop if you’re looking for a sale anytime of the year is SheIn, but the Black Friday sales are an even better way to grab a bargain!

No Crowds, No waiting, Black Friday

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For me, the Black Friday sales have been all about finding the perfect christmas party outfits. It’s all about velvet and sequins this year, so I thought I’d show you some of my favourites that SheIn have got to offer…
SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe SheIn - Your Online Fashion Wardrobe











Get in there quick and register with SheIn to take advantage of the Black Friday discount codes before they end! xx Sophie

Styling a Leather Jacket with Kylie


Unless you’re new here, you’ll know by now that bomber jackets are usually my thing and that I’ve got way more than I’ll ever actually need, but sometimes all your outfit really needs is a leather-look moto jacket. For me, I have to be really in the mood for a leather jacket to style one for the blog, but looking at this Kylie one hanging in my wardrobe puts me in the mood every time. My favourite part? The detachable shearling collar – put it on and you’ve got yourself a winter jacket, or take it off and transform it into your summer throw-over. Even though leather jackets aren’t generally winter coat material, this one’s made of pretty thick faux leather material, so it’s perfect for those cooler days, no matter what time of year it is.



To get right into the spirit of winter (and is it too early to say christmas?) I styled my leather jacket with a velvet top, also from Kylie, in the prettiest shade of red. Not tomato but verging on the side of burgundy – one of my favourite shades for the cold weather seasons. Plus, this thing is pretty warm considering how little layers I was wearing on possibly the coldest day of the year yet! A pair of trusty black skinnies, a chunky belt and my biker boots finished off this rock chick look perfectly.

NCFmandco-1 NCFmandco-7 NCFmandco-4

The Kylie collection ranges from sizes 9-13+ years, so make sure you’re small like me if you fancy shopping with them! A size 13+ is about the same as a UK size 8, so if you’re a 6-8 like me, then you’re good to go! If you saw this post I did, then you’ll know that shopping in the kids’ section is one of my favourite things to do – look at all the cool clothes you can buy and all the money you can save doing it!

NCFmandco-12 NCFmandco-6


NCFmandco-9 NCFmandco-10 NCFmandco-5 NCFmandco-11 NCFmandco-13

Let me know if you think I should bring leather jackets to the blog more often! xx Sophie

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Wearing: top, jacket & jeans all c/o Kylie @ M&Co* (here, here, and here), Zara boots (here), New Look belt (similar here)

Zoya Enchanted Collection


Just a quick little update to show you the latest collection from Zoya nail polish! Each time Zoya brings out new polishes, I get to try out the collections and share them with you here on the blog. Enchanted is the latest collection you can buy on the Zoya website and has been designed for the holiday season. It features four PixieDust shades and two ordinary polishes, and I can honestly say this one has some of my favourites colours in it. So much shimmer and so much PixieDust – I love it!





Currently wearing the shade Alice from the PixieDust range. If you’re looking for a glitter polish with a bit more depth and staying power, this is the one. Zoya have a huge range of PixieDust shades, and this purpley-blue is just one of them you can get right here.



Enchanted is one of those Zoya ranges where I think I love and would wear every single shade in the box! Let me know which is your favourite shade and which Zoya collection is your fave so far this year! Shop the collection here! xx Sophie

Enchanted nail polish collection c/o Zoya* (get it here)

Embroidered Mini Backpack


If I had to pick one type of bag to carry for the rest of my life, I’d definitely pick a backpack. Super practical, but also so, so cool at the moment. I’ve got a couple of full size backpacks but I think the mini ones are my faves. That’s why I was so happy when SheIn kindly sent me this gorgeous embroidered mini bag. This is exactly the sort of bag I want when I’m going shopping, and it makes a nice alternative to my mini white quilted one.NCFsheinbag-3 NCFsheinbag-4

I kept the styling really simple for the rest of this look because the bag has so much detail in itself that you can literally just wear all black everywhere else. I added a cute purple crop top under my jacket to bring out the purple tones of the embroidery for a subtle touch, but this was probably one of the quickest looks to style – perfect for those days when you just need to run out the door. NCFsheinbag-1 NCFsheinbag-7 NCFsheinbag-6 NCFsheinbag-9 NCFsheinbag-8 NCFsheinbag-5

What’s your favourite type of bag to carry around day to day? Check out the collection at SheIn here! xx Sophie

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Wearing: bag c/o SheIn* (here), Primark crop top (similar here), Topshop coat (old, similar here), F+F jeans (similar here), New Look boots (old, similar here)

My Winter Hero


I know I already mentioned it briefly a few posts ago but this coat is my winter hero. I searched high and low for the perfect parka and I have to say, I think I found it. Parkas have been my favourite type of winter coat since I bought this one last year. They’re just so cosy and fit in easily with my casual style that I knew I had to go for another one this season. However, it couldn’t be just any old parka, especially not when I have a huge love for camo at the moment. Superdry was my first stop when I saw they had made a camouflage parka, but I was definitely disappointed when went to try it on and it was a lightweight cotton jacket. Hours and many websites later, One Nation Clothing came through for me with this gorgeous, faux fur lined number. I was originally holding out for the blue fur-lined one which had been out of stock in my size at the time, but I decided that neutrals would always be best, and I’m very glad I went for the beige fur in the end. I think I could go on and on about this coat for days, but I’ll stop typing and just let you enjoy the Scottish scenery yet again…NCFscottishwalk-4 NCFscottishwalk-2 NCFscottishwalk-5


NCFscottishwalk-7 NCFscottishwalk-8 NCFscottishwalk-1 NCFscottishwalk-9

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow perfectly does my Kylie hat go with the parka too?! They currently have some great winter accessories so definitely check them out at M&Co!NCFscottishwalk-3 NCFscottishwalk-12



Which item in your wardrobe is your winter hero? xx Sophie

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Wearing: One Nation Clothing parka (here), Primark jumper (similar here), M&S jeans (similar here), Zara boots (here), Kylie @ M&Co hat (here)

Winter Accessories / Tartan Scarf

NCFlochness-9 I realised that I’ve got quite a collection of winter hats, but scarves not so much. When it comes to winter accessories, scarves are never top of my list, but I came across these pretty tartan wool ones at the Loch Ness visitor centre on my trip to Scotland and decided to go for one. They had loads of different ones to choose from, like your traditional tartan reds and greens but I wanted to make it a little more fashiony and went for this grey and burgundy number. It was the perfect accompaniment to my simple grey and black outfit at the side of Loch Ness.
NCFlochness-7 NCFlochness-11

It also made for some pretty layering with this Born Pretty moon and star necklace. Get yours here and save 10% on your order with code BVT10!NCFlochness-2 NCFlochness-1 NCFlochness-6 NCFlochness-10 NCFlochness-4 NCFlochness-5 NCFlochness-8

What’s your go-to winter accessory? Let me know in the comments! xx Sophie

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Wearing: Scottish lambswool scarf (similar here), Primark top (similar here), New Look dungarees (here), Zara boots (here), necklace c/o Born Pretty Store* (here)

How To Layer Your Summer Pieces For Winter


There was some amazing snowy weather while I was away in Scotland this week, and I was lucky enough to snap some pics in it before it melted away the next day! It also gave me the chance to layer up my favourite denim dress that I got from Zara earlier this year. I saw a picture of Lucy Watson from Made In Chelsea layering her denim dress over a chunky knit, and it gave me the inspiration for this look. I don’t think I would have thought to layer like this if I hadn’t seen Lucy’s look, so this one’s all down to her! When I bought the dress I did think it would be a summer piece only, so I’m glad I came across this look so that I can now carry the dress through into the winter season.NCFdenimsnow-12 NCFdenimsnow-1 NCFdenimsnow-14

How amazing is this setting? I stayed in a beautiful log cabin in the Scottish highlands and we took the most beautiful pictures while we were staying there. I managed to pack loads of outfits too, so there’s many many more blog posts coming your way from my trip to Scotland!NCFdenimsnow-2 NCFdenimsnow-4 NCFdenimsnow-13 NCFdenimsnow-11 NCFdenimsnow-5 NCFdenimsnow-16 NCFdenimsnow-6 NCFdenimsnow-17 NCFdenimsnow-7 NCFdenimsnow-15 NCFdenimsnow-8 NCFdenimsnow-9 NCFdenimsnow-10

Sorry for the photo overload on this one, but I couldn’t narrow it down enough – so many pics worthy of the blog! Let me know your thoughts on this layering look and if you’ve seen Lucy’s version too! xx Sophie

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Wearing: Zara dress (old, similar here), Zara boots (here) M&S top (old, similar one I love here), Next hat (sold out, similar here), necklace c/o Born Pretty Store* (here)